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Expectations of Behaviour

campsite in cornwall

Please note that we are a quiet families and couples camping site in Cornwall. We enforce a silence after 10.30pm policy inkeeping with our peaceful surroundings. You'll find that the only noise you'll hear each night is the constant relaxing whisper of the sea, and we intend to keep it that way.

At 9.30pm the TV room, games room and playground are closed and we expect anyone under the age of 18yrs old to return to their booked caravan or tent.

After 10.30pm we require complete silence and consideration for your fellow campers. For those late night families be aware that you will not be able to have loud conversations or any games.

This is a no-party holiday park and you'll find no bar/disco/arcade and no evening entertainment. We offer guests a serene camping holiday in Cornwall, with the best night's sleep available.

We do accept small groups of surfers, on the understanding that they simply need somewhere near the beach to rest their heads. We do not accept single sex groups (especially stag and hen parties) but we can recommend Retorrick Mill nearby 01637 860 460.

Our Rights

Our staff have the right to terminate your stay if you're found to be noisy or an inconvenience to other holidaymakers. We do evict around half a dozen groups every year, so please don't spoil your holiday or our summer.

We have night wardens that patrol the campsite each evening helping to ensure we maintain our promise of peace and quiet. Our staff will not tolerate abuse of any sort under any circumstances, and will cancel your holiday without notice thereagain if necessary. Please understand that you accept these conditions upon first payment.

If you require any further clarity please feel free to call us on 0800 634 6744.

In summary

If we can hear you outside of your tent/caravan/pitch boundaries, you are being too loud.

We take all complaints very seriously, particularly in consideration of this rule but note that this isn't a bed-time/lights off policy. We have no aversion to stargazers, or those wishing to stay up with a glass of wine or a book, we simply expect all guests to have consideration for those around them with these rules in mind.



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