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The Best Local Beaches

Five of Cornwall's most famous and most beautiful beaches lay within easy reach of Mawgan Porth and Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park. Each enjoys a unique setting with individual quirks along the Atlantic coastline - some are ideal for surfing, others are more secluded, but all have stunning views to share with the family.

Mawgan Porthcampsite at mawgan porth cornwall

This large sandy bay rests only a short woodland walk from the campsite. The serene countryside setting is home to many undiscovered gems, including 16th century buildings and beautiful countryside walks, as well as a Sunday Times award-winning beach .

Mawgan Porth is a little known cove, with a small collection of beachside stores and a surfing school. Used mostly by residents it is a quieter beach, more popular with surfers and dog walkers and offers the perfect location to relax for the day with a picnic or stop off at the pub before continuing along the South West Coastal Footpath.watergate beach front

Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay is a very large sandy beach and is particularly popular for hosting a series of sporting events, including Beach Polo and Extreme Sports Tournaments. The wide bay allows for a plethora of activities, with a strong Atlantic surf making it a firm favourite with surfers.

At low tide there is nearly 2 miles of shoreline to enjoy, Watergate is particularly popular for its association with Jamie Oliver, as the location for his famous restaurant, as well as being a recurrent location for TV shows and films.

For incredible views, particularly at sunset, stop the car along the B3276 at the top of Watergate Bay - not to be missed. bedruthan steps view of beach

Bedruthan Steps

A notorious tourist hot spot, Bedruthan Steps is a National Trust owned feature, assuring visitors of impressive views and as a good stretch of the legs.

Accessed via a series of quirky, steep and uneven steps in the cliff side, Bedruthan Steps is actually the 5 stone pillars rising out of the sand - allegedly used as stepping stones. This secluded beach is only accessible for half of the year, and is locked off from November to March for reasons of safety, however it helps lend to the enigmatic aura of the beach.

If you are lucky enough to get on the sands and walk around the bottom of the stacks be very aware of tide times, as it will come in surprisingly quickly.

sunset beach

Porthcothan Bay

One for the walkers, Porthcothan is popular with small families looking for an isolated and beautiful backdrop for a picnic and a quiet place to exercise the dog.

Like Mawgan Porth, Porthcothan is relatively unknown as one of the smallest beaches. Visitors park across the little-used road and walk to the beachfront down sand dunes. With the Tredrea Inn so nearby, visitors usually stop for lunch before enjoying a brisk walk along the seafront.

Once known for it's tremendous stone arch, Porthcothan suffered this fatality in the storms of early 2014, but it remains one of the most raw and ruggedly beautiful beaches in North Cornwall.

Constantine Bay

family on beach with their dogAnother little known but exceptionally beautiful beachfront, Constantine is particularly memorable for sharing sands at low tide with Booby's Bay.

Swimmers and surfers head to Constantine for a peaceful and safe dip, taking advantage of the lifeguard service operating in the busier periods.

Please note that all of these beaches are pet friednly throughout the year, so you can

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